This is what progressive is all about

Brenden LaBonte a.k.a. Forerunners has released a steady stream of immersive and unique tracks over the past 10+ years, with remixes and originals on Pure Progressive, Onedotsixtwo, Sudbeat, Silk Music, and Afterglow seeing support from an eclectic list of DJs the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Muir, Chris Fortier, Solarstone, Guy J, Max Graham, Nick Warren, Tripswitch, and many others.

Something of an enigma as an artist, this Arizona based producer is definitely in the quality over quantity camp. Forerunners music is about the slow build, the journey, where filters ebb and flow, layers creep to the front then withdraw, where the percussion is hypnotic and the synths repetitive, and the melody draws the listener in with its subtlety, rather than a crass fanfare. It’s either early night material for trance rooms, or peak time material for intelligent progressive floors spun by DJs who know how to work a room. This is what progressive is all about.



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