Classical Trancelations in Concert.

A stunning audiovisual show uniting classical music and rave culture.

Classical Trancelations in Concert combines the visual grandeur and production of raves with the world of classical music. Covering some of the biggest hits of the electronic music genre from the past 20 years, it brings together a vast crowd of past & present nightlife aficionados and classical music lovers.

How it all began.

It all started back in 2006 at Helsinki’s beloved Club Unity 10th Anniversary party, where Petri “Lowland” Alanko was booked to play versions of club classics on a piano. Lowland decided to take it a step forward and make orchestral backings to the tracks and performed a touching performance, giving birth to a much bigger dream. The versions started spreading around the web and were quickly picked up by Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren, resulting in two Classical Trancelations albums released Armada Music in 2008 and 2015.

Ten years after the first solo show, Classical Trancelations in Concert debuted in August of 2016 with two record-breaking, sold out concerts at the Helsinki Music Centre.

A once-in-a-lifetime symphonic experience.

On Saturday the 29th of September of 2018, Classical Trancelations returned with one of the biggest indoor electronic dance music events in the history of Finland.

Over 8500 people gathered to experience two hours of timeless electronic music classics reimagined into a beautiful journey, surrounded by a visual experience that that took it even further. The concerts moved thousands worldwide, received raved reviews and left us all in awe and lingering for more.

With a 3rd album release by Armada Music in the fall of 2019, Classical Trancelations in Concert is ready to continue its journey; this time to roll out their brand globally, to bring this unforgettable experience to electronic music lovers all over the world.

The next chapter of Classical Trancelations in Concert is yet to be revealed, but you can expect more beautiful music, friendly encounters, cold shivers and tears of joy…

Find out what Classical Trancelations in Concert has to offer for you & your audience.




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